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Oppo O50a High Back Chair - Cashmere-Cape Sands

Oppo O50a High Back Chair – Cashmere-Cape Sands Product description : Stefan Borselius online

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Product description
DescriptionDesignerOppo was conceived in reflections about furnished rooms, and why they sometimes feel so desolate. Oppo is in its own inimitable yet natural way, adds life to a room even when no one is there. The gently rounded lines create a sense of security and invite the kind of communication that can be shared without words.Material & Feature:Structure: Fiberglass shell with high elasticity dacron-wrapped foamPremium cashmere, wool or velvet upholstery (C.O.M available)Rubber feetAll materials are fire-resistant & non-toxic (Baby friendly)Dimensions:Width: 27.55″ x Depth: 35.43″ x Height: 41.14″Seat height: 15.3″* All measurements are approximations.Stefan BorseliusStefan Broselius was born in 1974 in Malm. After finishing a three year apprentice as a cabinet maker, he started studying furniture design for two years at Stenebyskolan and than, Broselius worked as a restorer. In 2002, he received his Masters Degree of Fine Art at the School of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm; shortly after that, he joined the Design-ensemble of the Swedish manufacturer Bl Station. There, Stefan Broselius is seen as a thinker and listener who firstly takes advantages and disadvantages into consideration and then chooses his words as carefully as the expression of his design.Together with Fredrik Mattson, Broselius created for Bl Station very successful design furniture, like the lounge arm chair Snooze, the table series Level and the stackable chair Sting which was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and in addition it received five other design awards.However, Stefan Broselius convinces due to his talent not also as a team member. When creating the extraordinary arm chair Peekaboo for Bl Station, it became obvious that Broselius also has his own design style. His creations can be interpreted as the attempt to harmonize the incompatible contradiction of tradition and modernity. Broselius himself says about his work: I want to find new forms and new functions for traditional furniture and new furniture for traditional people in a new age. cheap Furniture

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